Wildflower Hunting and makeup tutorial


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A couple of weeks ago, a former colleague of mine asked me to create a summer look. I liked the idea… but I wanted to create something unique. What I thought of when I pictured summer was- wildflowers! I also have a purple and yellow summery dress that inspired the colours of the flower crown I’m wearing in the tutorial. I went ahead and hand made my crown using dollar store flowers and other materials I already had. What I created that day, was the colour palette for my eye makeup. The next day, I pulled out my Makeup Geek Eyeshadows and original 88 colour palette and created a beautiful eye makeup look.

This may be a colourful look but it is wearable, it’s not just for the makeup artistry. i’ve worn this out to random occasions, and I think it was seemed pretty normal to everyone. I didn’t get any weird stares or what not.

The hardest part about putting together this video was getting footage of REAL wildflowers. It took quite a while to do, and I asked my friends to help me find some. We drove up to Main Street- Unionville and walked around. What i discovered that day, was not only small pockets of wildflowers but dragonflies! They were beautiful. I’ve never seen so many dragonflies all at once- and they only live 2 days to mate and then die. So, I’ll definitely post pictures of that up as well.


Review: Rimmel London’s Moisture Renew Universal Transparent Lip Liner


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The first review for my youtube channel. It was a bit rushed, but I hope it was comprehensible. I also take requests if anyone wants to request a review of something or a tutorial on something.

Porcelain Doll Makeup Look

It took HOURS for me to film this, enjoy!


If anyone was wondering: my dress is from Bodyline, the wig is from Gothic Lolita Wigs and blouse and accessories are off brand.

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These are some of the tools and products I used for the eye makeup, and below is my colour palette!I used a foundation colour 3 shades lighter than my natural skin tone.
IMG_4436 IMG_4437 IMG_4438


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