Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual Review


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ImageI had first heard about this book from the Makeup Geek 2013 holiday giveaways. This peeked my interest not only because Marlena recommended it, but also because I had never heard about a makeup manual. I love books. (who doesn’t?) This book offers professional advice and details that I cannot find on youtube .

There are no listed sources for this manual. This means that these tips and advice are from Brown’s experience as a makeup artist and the “history of makeup” section is based on common facts. Of course, the average person most likely do not know the dates of celebrity lives or the year a makeup brand was founded. But, the book does provide a good timeline for the development of makeup over the years and also encyclopedia-like blurbs about famous people who have made makeup history.

IMG_4005history of makeup: The history of makeup is divided into important years of makeup discoveries and inventions from 500,000BCE up to the 21st century and a list of important people who have made history in the makeup industry from Max Factor, Coco Chanel to contemporary artists like Charlie Green and Diane Kendal.

The illustrations in this manual are professional and colourful. They were meant to inspire those reading it to be creative and think outside the box. I think the images are beautiful and really shows the texture and details of each product, however, a lot of make up was wasted for the illustrations of this manual.

IMG_4006I like how Bobbi Brown not only endorses her own cosmetic line but also includes other brands that make up artists love in the collage of a makeup artist’s kit on pg. 165.

comprehensiveness: This manual is very comprehensive for the amateur makeup artist, however, I’m not 100% in agreement with Brown about this manual being for beginners. I’ve noticed in her step-by-step instructions that she leaves out the step about primers. She talks about starting off with a clean, fresh face and moisturizer and eye cream. But, most beginners already know this, but they don’t know about primer. Other than that step, which is essential to makeup artists, I find the tutorials for this manual to be very insightful and easy to follow. One of my favourite things to look at this manual for is its trouble-shooting tips. The trouble-shooting tips are definitely worth the money going into this makeup manual. From cakey foundations to eyeshadow fall-outs and tips for makeup application on different skin types, ages and looks for photography and weddings.

IMG_4009 Favourite section: Aside from the history section, my favourite part of the book is Brown’s idea/guide for starting a makeup artist kit. I am actually using that as a guide as I start building my portfolio.

weaknesses: Probably the only major problem I have with this manual is the section on different types of brushes. There are so many outdated brush cuts like the eyeshadow brush that is now made tapered. For someone like me who is not completely familiar with brushes, this was very confusing because these brushes do not look like the ones I see online and in stores. So, figuring out what each brush was for make it seem more challenging and scary. It took a while for me to realize that these brushes were more “traditional” in design.IMG_4007

could include: tips on finding the right foundation(understanding undertones), face sculpting (because having the perfect base/ canvas to work on sets the tone for all makeup looks), common mistakes not to make (forming good habits from the start).

verdict: I would give this makeup manual a 3.75/5.

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Why I love Lolita <3


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If I were to describe Lolita in one word, it would be: luxurious. Lolita is Luxurious. During one of my skype calls to my best friend, we were talking about Lolita and I was telling her that I prefer Lolita to cosplay. There are so many reasons why I love Lolita and continue to put money in it. To be, Lolita is a way that I can express who I want to be. For a moment when I’m dressed in Lolita, I am whoever I choose to be. I feel like I have been taken out of my every day context. It is a way for me to escape reality. I feel beautiful when I wear Lolita. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still love and appreciate cosplay and my everyday self and life. But sometimes I just want to be someone else for a day. And Lolita is my key to that escape. A mini vacation.

Lolita is luxury. Lolita is not one of the more affordable streams of fashion. As a friend of mine once said, “who actually can afford to wear lolita everyday? Only the rich.” Of course, there are indie brands and replicas and ways to find cheaper handmade accessories, but to have a completed look still can cost maybe $200 and take a lot of time to put together. Nor is it very practical. Walking around in 5 inch platform heels, with a giant frilly dress that doesn’t already weigh enough as it is, I also have a petticoat on. Add in a wig and heavy, cumbersome hairpiece and don’t forget about super thick socks/tights. Oh and one more thing: a handbag or umbrella. Plus, makeup is not a walk in the park, it takes time and practice to achieve that porcelain doll look. It is difficult to travel in, it is difficult to sit in, it is difficult to explain to people WHY and WHAT I am wearing. It is also difficult enough to walk around with your head held high when you know everyone who passes you is doing a double take.

No matter what people tell me, Lolita is lovely, it is beautiful, it is a luxury and lifestyle that I crave. I love the “bell-shaped” silhouette of Lolita and the designs and patterns. It is a rebellion to modern fashion and values done with class. It mixes the Victorian look with a modern taste. Similar to other fashion styles, it evolves over time and new trends are incorporated into the Lolita fashion.

To me, Lolita and the fashion and esthetics behind it is also an art. There is a specific formula that is required to be Lolita. But, it is free to interpretation and personalization.

Going back to cosplay versus Lolita, I find most of the time, in order to do cosplay right you need to already have the physique of the person you want to cosplay. Also the costumes tend to be very specific and tailored a certain way. There is room for creativity only in how you put the costume together. If you resemble the character you want to portray, then you’ve done it right. Where as, in Lolita there is more freedom. It is easy to achieve the desired bell-shaped silhouette because all lolitas have that petticoat and the layers and frills and bows. It is easy to recognize.

Unfortunately, I am at a time in my life where purchasing Lolita is difficult because I have bills to pay and I need to invest money in my career instead of spending it on luxury goods like Lolita. Upon realizing this, it does make me sad. At the same time, it forces me to be a little bit more creative with my existing Lolita pieces and helps me to perfect the outfits and looks I’ve been aiming for with my current Lolita closet. I would not trade it for the world.


deco-classical lolita neko- mimi headband

I bought this from Twylite (4 kensington ave., toronto, ON), or as I like to call it, my local lolita store. This headband is high quality, there’s velvet, and plastic flowers and a tiny strawberry, the ears are stiff and have velvet and red bows on the back. Despite the amount of decorations on this headband, it is still light weight. I love unique pieces, and when I saw this there, there was a dress I had in mind for it. Plus, I’ve always wanted to try deco-lolita style. I can begin to look for more accessories to create a deco-classical lolita look with this piece. In the past, I have purchased a few items from this store, the lady who owns the shop is very kind and considerate. 

You can check out the Twylite facebook page here:


Naked3 eyes


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Naked3 eyes

I’ve heard lots of bloggers and youtubers using naked3 and creating as many looks as possible as they can. I was curious about what it would look like on my eyes if I putt all 12 colours on at once and blend them in. This was the look I created with the Naked3 palette using all 12 shades. I used the darkest shade: Blackheart on top of my black liquid liner.

Pacific Mall Haul


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Hey guys,

IMG_3892Yesterday evening, after my friend got off from work we met up at Pmall and did a bit of shopping before the mall closed up for the night.
I picked up a few items before my friend arrived (trying to save time and get everything checked off my list).
I went to Market Village and I picked up some SeaChem root tabs for my aquarium plants from the aquarium store on the second floor. I also bought two boxes of My Beauty Diary sheet masks in strawberry yogurt and aloe. I’ve bought these in the past, and I love using them. When buying sheet masks I want something that is very moisturizing for my face, which is why I chose these two flavours. My Beauty Diary sheet masks come in a large variety of flavours and the packaging is super adorable.

We walked around Pacific mall afterwards.
I went into my favourite beauty store: Pheonix Beauty Lounge and I picked up two NYX retractable lip liners: fruit punch and peony. They are both waterproof, creamy and long wearing. The cashier was also in need of change.. lots of change. And I so happened to have $60 worth of change in a ziplock bag. I tried putting it in the bank but the teller wouldn’t accept it unless I put all the coins into coin-rolls. So, everyone won. The cashier exchanged all my coins for bills. I also have the VIP 10% off card from Pheonix, which you can get when you spend $50 of more in one purchase.

I also picked up oil-blotting paper from The Best Shop that opened up recently on the second floor where the chinese restaurant used to be.

I had bubble tea with my friend and we discussed false eyelashes most of the time we were there, we ended up buying a pair each.

Some shops had closed up early for the day, I guess the mall isn’t very busy until this weekend, when all the elementary and high school kids are on holiday. My last purchase was not really expected. I bought a navy blue handbag from De Su. I like the look of it, its rather minimalistic (for me) but it works well. The size is big enough for me to put everything I need in it but it doesn’t look overly big for me, because i’m a small person.

Items purchased:

  • SeaChem root tabs $10
  • NYX retractable lip liners $6.99 ea.
  • eyelashes $1
  • My Beauty Diary sheet masks 2 for $25
  • handbag $35
  • blotting paper $1.50

IMG_3894IMG_3895IMG_3896IMG_3897Random thought: Remember when photo booths were all the rage at pmall? They’re all gone now :(

Until Next Time,


Sephora Haul (featuring: Naked3)


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ImageI found out that the Urban Decay naked3 palette was being released and I fell in love with it. I love how UD never lags behind in trending colours.

I love the rose hued neutrals that are girly but wearable. You can create so many looks with the 12 shades (including 3 matte shades). So far, I’ve only used the palette once, but the colours are beautiful, much more sparkly than it shows up in my pictures, especially the red sparkles in Blackheart. The palette also comes with a dual ended eye brush (flat eye shadow brush and stiff domed blending brush) plus 4 different UD primer potion samples: original, eden, sin and anti-aging. The dual ended brushes is actually not bad quality. It works well with the product and it is soft but firm and really blends and packs in the colour on my eyelids.

The case for the eyeshaodws is so cute, it looks like a children’s water colour painting tin or pencil box.

The naked3 palette has also just hit sephora stores for the 2013 Christmas season (dec 12).

I ordered the palette the day it came out online in sephora dec 6 (i believe) and it arrived surprisingly quick for the holiday season.

I did order 2 other products with the naked3 palette so I could get the free shipping deal, and sephora always gives 3 free samples of products with every online order.

There was one item I decided to throw into this because its make up related but I got it from Amazon: the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual.

Items I bought:

  • Urban Decay’s Naked3 Palette $62 CDN
  • Stila Collage of Colour lip and cheek $12 CDN
  • Sephora Microsmooth baked eyeshadow trio in black light (discontinued- I bought the last one >.<) $9 CDN
  • Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual (amazon) ~$15 CDN

Price-wise, I was actually a little skeptical about spending $62 +tax on the naked3 palette. I was also afraid that the colours wouldn’t work on me and look really awful. I have a cool undertone and my skin is somewhere between light and medium. I’ve used Strange, Buzz and Factory on my eyes for more of a neutral look (not too much pink), then I lined my eyes with Black heart. The colour selection of this palette allows users to have a neutral brown look as well as a super pink or smokey-eye look or something in between. Some of the medium shades are also great to be used as a single shadow alone. Plus, the dual-ended brush and eye primer samples helps give the product a little more value for your dollar.

I tried out the naked3 palette and the stila collage palette today, and I LOVE them.

For the Stila palette, it is super creamy and looks so natural on the cheeks. I’ve tried the lightest shade on my cheeks and it gives me a natural light pink flush to my cheeks. The colours are buildable and blendable. I haven’t tried the product on my lips yet, but because its a cream product, it should be moisturizing (especially since its winter).

naked3- no primer in natural lighting

I will also be doing a book review on the Bobbi Brown make up manual soon.

The term is finally over, which means I actually have time and energy to spend on blogging!

Until Next time,



stila cream blush +naked3

stila cream blush +naked3


Kanon: Shiori Misaka Cosplay

YAY! finally. I began constructing the outfit for this cosplay over 2 summers ago.

I handmade the dress myself. It was my first time making a dress,I kept making mistakes and after a while I made a crucial mistake that really made me give up on it. That of course bothered me, but after a year, I picked it up, threw it on myself and figured out ways to alter the dress without deconstructing the entire garment.

I also did not realize I had made the final length about 6 inches too long for my body, so the over the knee socks (in this case, tights) would not show. Luckily, the black fabric I used for this dress folds well and is able to stay in place for short periods of time. Perhaps I will one day sit down and alter the length.

Outfit breakdown:

Dress: handmade
White Turtle neck Long-sleeve: It was from my high school winter uniform.
Tights: Kuma false over the knee tights. I bought this new from a flea market. Although, I know you can buy it online.
Shoes: Toms- classic chocolate.
Shawl: just a regular brown plaid pashmina (I got this from a thrift store)

I think in total it cost me under $20 to make the dress + shawl. The bear tights I got under $10 and I just had the TOMS.




Why you should get an eyeliner sharpener

Why you should get an eyeliner sharpener

For the longest time I’ve been trying to avoid the need to buy an actual eyeliner sharpener. As shown in the picture in the left corner, it was not working out. I finally purchased the NYX eyeliner sharpener and it works SO WELL. I spent a total of $8.10 on the sharpener, a bit expensive in my opinion but really worth it. I guess when people recommend NOT buying an actual eyeliner sharpener, they mean for the eyeliners that are made of the same wood as regular pencils. So now i’m not losing more product trying to sharpen my eyeliners to a fine point. A unique thing I’ve noticed about the NYX sharpener is that it opens up from the top as well as the bottom of the sharpener. I guess it is so you can better access the blades and little crevices to clean it out. The sharpener was made in Germany, and that speaks for itself. I hope to enjoy this thing for a long time.

Until Next Time,

The Complexities of a Bath


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I guess it’s time for another rant.

Today’s topic: bubble baths.

As the workload piles up for my third year of university, the last thing on my mind is relaxation, but I know it will greatly benefit my health to take time off for myself. Bubble baths are great and everything; they help relieve stress and are so comforting and fill up extra time you have on the weekend. Who doesn’t love a bath?I figured since my rent was high and I don’t have to pay for water and I have a tub in my bathroom, why not put it to good use? Okay, the bubble baths in my head never turn out exactly as I hope they would in reality. Am I the only one who can’t get it right? First of all it’s troublesome to have to clean out the tub before a bath, but it’s so worth it. Nobody wants to have a bath in a dirty tub, plus you get a squeaky clean bathtub afterwards(sort of). I always have to leave the fan on after cleaning the tub because of the chemical smell the cleaning agent leaves behind. So, I have to wait a while before actually taking my bath. Then when I am setting up my bath, I can never get the water temperature right. Back in September I made my bath too hot, and that wasn’t fun at all. This time I didn’t make it ht enough, so throughout the film, Garden of Words (Makoto Shinkai <3), I have to continuously add more hot water cuz it was getting cold. Plus the LACK OF BUBBLES. baths suck without bubbles. I’m completely out of my Philosophy Love Sweet Love sample which is a bubble bath, shower gel and shampoo 3-in-1. It sucks as everything except a bubble bath, well I guess it works as a shower gel. But Definitely sucks as a shampoo, trust me, I’ve tried it. At LEAST i got the amount of Bath salts right, I hope! I hate it when I run out of bubbles before my bath’s over. this time was the worst. I find that the Avon bubble bath solution I have back at my parent’s home is pretty decent. And the amount the label tells you to put in for a bath, is NEVER the amount that you need. you need like maybe 5 times the amount. I just keep pouring more until I’m satisfied. It’s so much work just for a little relaxation! Kind of contradictory…. But I seem to be able to relax more and feel much better afterwards, so I MUST be doing something right.

I don’t know why whenever I want to blog I don’t have my camera to visually depict what I’m talking about, Sorry!

Until Next Time, Catherine.


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